A little about me:

I'm 32 & married to the most amazing man, Eddie who is 30. I have a 14 year old daughter from a previous relationship (although Eddie has been her Dad since she was 6). I was 17 when I had her. Eddie and I were married in November 2012 and are now expecting a son in October 2014! We had a bit of a journey for one year trying to conceive our son - I'm sure that someday I will share all of our trials, but for now I'm just going to bask in the joy that we are able to have a child!
It has been 14 years since I have experienced pregnancy and raising a baby so it kind of feels like the first time all over again.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm getting married!!! :o) To the best man ever, I am one lucky ducky :o)

I am at a point in my life where I have a lot of time to myself, maybe too much :) This is a good thing for planning my wedding, not a good thing for everyone around me who has to hear about wedding stuff all the time. This is also not good because I am a hypochindriac and I might use this extra time to google illnesses and than think that I have them (this actually happens alot).
My new obsession is ETSY! Coolest site ever :-)
This is one thing that I LOVE and I am thinking of buying these to hang up at the wedding:
This Sunday Kaina is taking Eddie and I's engagement pictures, I am thinking of using these postcards from Etsy for "save the dates" :o)
Aren't these so cute?! This is what the back looks like:
These can be found at: etsy.com/people/sgcc?ref=ls_profile
We are planning on November 2012, so we still have LOTS of time to figure it out, but it's fun and exciting to plan now anyways :o)


  1. Hey dawg, I love the blog!! ;)

    I am so excited for the new future for all three of you!!

    I love the idea of having Kaina takes your engagement pics...and the etsy cards.. I love it all!!! :)

    Most of all, I love you. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

    YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! XOxoxo...Ldawg

  2. The blog is awesome, and the cards are adorable!!! Love it all!! Congrats again my dear!! Love you!!

  3. Cute save the dates, i'm so excited for you two :)

  4. Hey sweetheart whatever makes you happy is great for your Dad and I...we love you so much! Wow soon you,Eddie and Kaina will be a family...oops plus Porter..Hee hee!