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I'm 32 & married to the most amazing man, Eddie who is 30. I have a 14 year old daughter from a previous relationship (although Eddie has been her Dad since she was 6). I was 17 when I had her. Eddie and I were married in November 2012 and are now expecting a son in October 2014! We had a bit of a journey for one year trying to conceive our son - I'm sure that someday I will share all of our trials, but for now I'm just going to bask in the joy that we are able to have a child!
It has been 14 years since I have experienced pregnancy and raising a baby so it kind of feels like the first time all over again.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our first week with E

We ended up staying in the hospital for two more nights. Little E wasn't eating too good, and we had to wait for him to poop.
We were able to leave on Thursday morning. The drive home Eddie stayed in the slow lane :-) I thought it was so sweet <3
This week has been a blur. I think I maybe got 5 hours of sleep between Monday and Friday. It was a busy week with lots of family and friends coming to meet little Eddie. 
He's starting to eat better and I'm hoping that he will start packing on the pounds soon! He's still in preemie sizes.
This morning he was awake for 2 hours straight - that's a lot for him :)

Our first week in pictures:

For those of you that have been wondering how the dogs are doing with E:

I think they like him ;-)

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