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I'm 32 & married to the most amazing man, Eddie who is 30. I have a 14 year old daughter from a previous relationship (although Eddie has been her Dad since she was 6). I was 17 when I had her. Eddie and I were married in November 2012 and are now expecting a son in October 2014! We had a bit of a journey for one year trying to conceive our son - I'm sure that someday I will share all of our trials, but for now I'm just going to bask in the joy that we are able to have a child!
It has been 14 years since I have experienced pregnancy and raising a baby so it kind of feels like the first time all over again.

Monday, July 21, 2014

28 weeks!!

                        {28 weeks!}

So excited! In less than 3 months E will be here! This has been such a great time in our lives. 
Right now I'm at my DR office doing the 1 hour glucose test... It's not bad, but I do feel very shaky and kind of weird. DR Heshmati said that being shaky is a good sign - it normally means that you aren't diabetic. He also told me that it has nothing to do with what you eat like normal diabetes. This has everything to do with your placenta - that made me feel better. I hope that everything is fine, but I'm not worried. 
E is moving around like crazy from that sugar - poor guy is probably all jacked up!
So, I'm measuring right on for 28 weeks - and E's heart beat is strong and steady. :)
I wish I could get an ultrasound to actually see him... I'm too impatient.
Plus I want to see how big he is!
Oh man, this drink is giving me awful heartburn. Blah!

I discovered one of the perks of being 7 months pregnant: built in table ;) convenient!

I'm up 4 more pounds from my last appointment 5.5 weeks ago. I'm definitely gaining the majority of my weight in the end. At least this way I know it's mostly baby :) I wish I could tell how much he weighs.

Great! No melt downs or anything this week, lol ;)
If anything I'm just getting more and more excited and I what this time to fly by now.

Walking - I need to start doing squats and inner/outer thigh exercises. I just have 0 desire to do anything but relax.

We painted a couple dressers gray and white to put in E's room. I love that everything is starting to come together :)

I can't eat a lot anymore. Wah! :/ it's almost like I just don't want to eat anymore - I just want to eat bites of things.

Aches and pains:
My whole body has started cramping - like I'm one big Charlie horse! Everyone keeps telling me I need potassium, calcium and magnesium, but DR Heshmati says that it's totally normal during pregnancy and no supplements are recommended. Pretty much I can keep getting my massages and put heat on anything that hurts (just not the stomach).
My back has been killing as well - which is weird because I'm not that big. Regardless, it's happening and hurting. 
Eddie is so sweet and went to the store to get me a heating pad and Bengay - then he massaged my back with the heating pad. He's spoiling me and helping this to be such a great experience - even through the aches and pains.
Due date buddies! Sara and I at her baby shower :)

My awesome parents took Kaina and all the kids to Disneyworld for a week! They just left yesterday morning :) I dropped them at the airport at 4:00 am! They're having so much fun!

Jackie loves his Daddy :) I think that he might have a hard time sharing him with E in October.

I can't wait for the holidays this year! We will have E in October and my SIL will have her baby end of December! It's going to be so much fun! :D :D :D :D

20 more minutes until I get my blood drawn :)

On a side note I am loving listening to the receptionist take calls from patients!
"This lady wants to know if she can have a redbull?"
"This lady is 6 months and never been seen..."
Ha ;) I could sit here all day! J/k

Until next week!
Love you all :o)

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