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I'm 32 & married to the most amazing man, Eddie who is 30. I have a 14 year old daughter from a previous relationship (although Eddie has been her Dad since she was 6). I was 17 when I had her. Eddie and I were married in November 2012 and are now expecting a son in October 2014! We had a bit of a journey for one year trying to conceive our son - I'm sure that someday I will share all of our trials, but for now I'm just going to bask in the joy that we are able to have a child!
It has been 14 years since I have experienced pregnancy and raising a baby so it kind of feels like the first time all over again.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

7 weeks with June bug

Last week was...eventful.
More cramping and contraction type feelings. I looked it up and both are totally normal. I'm thinking it's because this is my third pregnancy? So far nothing has been like the other two. I have zero symptoms the majority of the time and then out of nowhere I'll get hit with a wave of emotions. Or my boobs will randomly hurt. I keep getting dizzy and that is actually making me excited! I was so dizzy the entire time I was pregnant with Kaina, so I'm thinking its a good sign. I'm also pretty tired the majority of the time.
Probably tmi but I can't stay too far away from toilet. This scares me because that's how I felt when I miscarried last month. 
I have to keep telling myself: different baby, different pregnancy & different outcome.
We just want this little bean SOO bad!!
I keep feeling like everything will be ok. I just hope those feelings are right.


My dr said I can come get an early ultrasound. I declined it earlier, but I think that I'm going to take him up on it now. 
I also might switch doctors. I felt so dismissed by my Drs nurses and I hate that I'm afraid to call if I have a concern. I really do like my doctor but I also want someone who's more proactive.... I don't know. I'll figure it out later :)

I'm waiting outside work right now. I start in 11 minutes. All I want to do is recline my seat and take a nap. Lol

Do you think they'd notice if I didn't show up? ;-)

We went out to breakfast this morning  and I got so full that now I feel like I could sleep FOREVER! Zzz....

Alright. Have a great week!

(I'll edit this if I do go on for an ultrasound)

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