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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{Silver Bells}... oh how I {love} LLD's blog!

Lovely Little Details {http://lovelylittledetails.com/2011/12/21/egg-carton-bell-garland/} has got to be the best blog for all of the {little details} on your big day ~ I am obsessed with it!!

Today, I was looking at LLD's newest post, and they are featuring these amazing DIY gold "bells"! I am so excited to make these, as silver bells for my wedding!

Now, I just need to start saving some egg cartons ;)

Anyways, here is the post: {or you can click on the link above}

Here’s what you need:Empty egg cartons
Gold spray paint
Box cutter or Xacto knife
Pretty string – I chose a teal multi-tie raffia from World Market because I thought it would really make the gold pop
Plastic gloves*
Instructions:1. Cut the egg-holder side off of the egg carton and discard the other half.
2. Spray paint both sides of the egg cartons using your color of choice. I used an old wine box to prop the cartons while each side dried.

3. Once dry, use your box cutter to cut out each “bell”.
4. Create a loop on the bottom of your string for easy hanging. Cut the string to your desired length and tie a tiny knot at the opposite end to make it easier to get through the bottom of each “bell”.
5. Cut an “X” at the bottom of each “bell”.
6. String the bells on to your garland! Hang and enjoy!
Other uses:
Wedding/holiday party photobooth backdrop (hang multiple strings next to each other)
Christmas tree garland
Ceremony backdrop

AMAZING! <3 Simple, and beautiful :-)

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